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Artist Statement


Artist Statement

Nanouk Prins is a photographer whose work aims to pinpoint the fulcrum between opposites: present and past, reality and illusion. She wants to create an alternate world that viewers can step into, like the experience of reading a captivating novel and feeling transported into another realm.


There is a sense of longing in her photographs: between what is and what could be, or what has been but has slipped away. Her work evokes a place where time seems to have suddenly stopped, a moment that will be gone forever once the movement starts again. This world doesn’t belong to anyone, yet everyone can see their own contrasting feelings reflected in it.


The world that Nanouk Prins creates can only exist through photographs. While painting retains the physical presence of the artist, her camera allows her to keep some distance and still harness the flickering of light and shadow. 


The theme of transitions occurs in much of her work: stairs can represent movement toward or away from something. Twilight is also a transition between day and night, light and dark. We often think of transitions as in between moments to endure while we look to the future or reminisce about the past. The photographs of Nanouk invite viewers to inhabit that state of flux and to accept it not as something fleeting, but as a constant. 

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