Nanouk Prins

Nanouk Prins, Amersfoort (1976) recently graduated with honors at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. In June 2021 she published a photobook called ‘Empty Forest’, about a young woman called Emma Hauck, who was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Heidelberg in 1909.

'In my work there is a contrast between present, past, reality and illusion. It conveys a longing between what is and what could be, or what has been.
I use light, presence of shadows, absence of wind and long shutter speeds to draw viewers into another world. A world where time seems to have stopped. A world that doesn’t belong to anyone.'

Publications / Nominations / Exhibitions

2021 Oct.     Solo Exhibition, ATELIER K84, Amsterdam


2021 Oct.     Portfolio Publication, PHOTO31


2021 Sep.    Group Exhibition, BINNENST, Amsterdam



2021 Aug.    Online Publication, PHOTO-LETTER, Berlin



2021 Jun.    Publication Photobook, EMPTY FOREST



2021 Jun.    Group Exhibition, BEELD, Loods 6, Amsterdam



2021 Apr.    Online Exhibition, ARTDOC Narrative Portraits



2020 Sep.    Group Exhibition, FRESH EYES PHOTO FAIR, Gashouder, Amsterdam



2020 Jun.    FRESH EYES TALENT 2020, Powered by GUP



2019 May.   Group Exhibition, HET OOG, Fotoacademie, Amsterdam