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Empty Forest was one of the finalists at Athens Photo Festival 2022. The book was selected for the Singapore International Photography Festival 2022, and it was shortlisted for Belfast Photo Festival

The book is acquired by the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague (KABK) and Dutch Photography Museum, Rotterdam.


Video of Empty Forest (made by Photobookstore UK)


In 1909, a young mother called Emma Hauck was committed to a psychiatric hospital in Heidelberg (Germany). She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Emma would pass away in an asylum in Wiesloch 11 years later. 


By that time a collection of letters was found in the archives of the Heidelberg hospital. All of these letters were written to her husband Michael, begging him to collect her.


Most of her letters are written with overlapping words. Some read “herzensschatzi komm’ (darling come) over and over; others only repeat the words, ‘komm, komm, komm’ (come) thousands of times.


The letters were never sent.

Empty Forest is available at:

Photobookstore UK  (out of stock)

Foam Museum Amsterdam

Huis Marseille Amsterdam

Self Publishers United (Amsterdam)

Tipi Bookshop Brussels (out of stock)

Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

La Nouvelle Chambre Claire, Paris (out of stock)

Photo Book Corner, Lisbon (out of stock)

Micamera Bookstore, Milan

Photography: Nanouk Prins

Editing: Ellen Sanders & Karianne Bueno

Graphic Design: Studio Suze Swarte

Printing: Zwaan Lenoir

Publisher: Self Published

1st edition: 2021; 2nd edition: 2022

Review by Robin Titchener

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