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Hotel Belvedere

‘Hotel Belvedere’ explores the theme of “nostalgic nationalism”,which reflects a longing for a perceived  golden age. This past is more an aspiration than a reality, a narrative constructed from selective memories rather than historical facts. It’s a sentiment that resonates with many, offering a simple, comforting view of the past. Free from the complexities of modern challenges such as globalization, climate change, and shifts in culture.


The photographs of this series, taken across various locations in the Alps, not only showcase the region’s majestic landscapes but also symbolize the irreversible changes our planet is undergoing. The glaciers, protected by blankets, yet still melting, mirror the nostalgic desire to preserve a past that is both idealized and impossible to return to.  


‘Hotel Belvedere’ , seeks to engage in a dialogue about how we remember the past, confront complexities of the present, and envision the future.

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